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  1. @SaturnMS sorry, but i dont have a link. Alot of the logos i use are from fanart.tv, i have just resized them. And for those logos that i cant find i make myself. But as soon as i am done with the logos for my music collection i can make a logo pack and upload them somewhere @Nightdrivingavenger sure, i will make a logo pack soon.
  2. Just added logos instead of artist pictures to my Music Box Alpha.
  3. Mötley Crüe Stockholm, Sweden 2015 Alice Cooper Stockholm, Sweden 2015
  4. Ok, Im gonna start with Sixx A.M. Stockholm Sweden 2016
  5. Maybe scrape from Fanart.tv? Good quality and size on the artwork.
  6. Mostly punk, hard rock & metal (black, death, speed, thrash, doom).
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