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    I agree, and apologize. I was wasn't trying to cause drama. You prove exactly what I mean though, about being a standup guy.
  2. Might I suggest using MediaElch? https://www.kvibes.de/mediaelch/ It is used for Kodi but it scrapes fanart, albums covers, artist and creates a .nfo file for the meta data. Using this in conjunction with mp3tagger will get your library ready for MBA.
  3. ran2wall


    good idea, but your air of arrogance is unbecoming. @Jason Carr owes you, me or anybody else, nothing. He does this out of passion, it just so happens that he's a really good and stand up guy. So he lets this type of arrogance roll of his back. Me though, i dont let that kind of attitude slide without at least telling you how you look. I believe in peace, kindness and doing good by others. You attract bees with honey, not vinegar. So, just remember there is always more than one way to say something. There's more than one way to skin a cat. If you just stop for a moment and think of a way to say something, you may get further. I'm not one of those crybaby millennials that are worried about feelings either. I just believe ghandi was right.
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    I was fiddling around with musicbox and got the idea to add it to LB/BB. Then it occurred to me that gamepad support would make this already amazing software, even better. Maybe coming up with a plugin for LB/BB to incorporate MBA to the setup would be great, cause then gamepad support would just seamlessly be integrated...idk anything about this level of coding so as easy as I am making it sound, it could be a monumental task....just a suggestion @Jason Carr
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