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  1. Ah, I guess that's why I never noticed it. As soon as I add an album to MBA I edit the mp3 tags because for a lot of the stuff I ripped myself I never added things like the "album artist", "year", "track number" etc. If I add more than one of these types of albums at a time it's a mission to tag them properly and sort everything again in MBA. Having the option to instantly refresh will make this task a whole lot easier.
  2. Thank you, that would be very much appreciated!
  3. Hmm unfortunately it doesn't appear to work for me. If I copy any new albums into my mp3 folder it doesn't show up in MBA until I exit the program and restart.
  4. Bought the software a few days ago and I'm really loving the simplicity of it. I'm also looking forward to it getting updated to the level of Launchbox with things like category views etc. For now I just have one major issue that's bugging me. I'm adding my music collection to MBA a few albums at a time as I'm also trying to fix all the MP3 tags and so on. Unfortunately, unless I'm missing something, I have restart the program each time I add something in order for it to be detected. Is there a way to "refresh" the MBA mp3 folder from within the software or is this something that is still going to be added. I loved the way that Launchbox handled this kind of stuff by allowing you to "import" your games and it would automatically add them to the correct folders and sort them, but MBA appears to be lacking this option. Otherwise, keep up the good work!
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