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  1. I am having the same issue as well with different well known artist. There are pics of the artist on fanart tv and I have the files named correctly but MusicBox is not downloading artist pics for certain artist.
  2. @GhettoBM Looks like the same issue I am experiencing and @Jason Carr is aware of it and it is on his list of things to fix.
  3. @Jason Carr Not all of this is new with 0.14 but the highlighting issue is I think. I have included a video to explain it better. When I click on a song to play it, MBA highlights a lot of songs a lot of times. Also when I mouse click on a song, alot of the times it seems very jumpy like its trying to recenter the screen or something and it moves the mouse cursor and a lot of times in doing so it clicks the wrong song and starts playing another song that you did not pick. Its kinda hard to explain but hopefully it makes sense as it seems like the mouse clicks are really sensitive or something. 2018-10-19_18-12-59.mp4
  4. Fair enough,I have searched quite a lot for a quality set of genre icons and there is not much out there that is a complete set. I guess we will have to wait until someone talented in the community creates a quality set.
  5. Loving seeing the progression of MusicBox....looking forward to testing out the new features.
  6. @Jason Carr I sent you a PM a while ago with some custom genre icons that I found on the web. When I use them in Music Box, they do not scale correctly as you can see in the phot below as they get cutoff somewhat. Do I need to use a certain size image or can you add some code to MusicBox in order for them to show the full image icon?
  7. Great update @Jason Carr...its looking really good!I do also agree with @lordmonkus about it being sorted by artist name but I am sure that feature is coming.
  8. No,at the moment is only scans for new content when opened. When I erased one of my albums from my music folder it still showed it in Music Box even though I had erased it. I had to erase the songs.xml and let it repopulate for it to take it out of my library.
  9. kmoney

    Gummi Bears

    Ooooo....I used to love watching some Gummi Bears when I was younger!
  10. @Jason Carr Sent you a PM with some links that I hope may help
  11. Well I finally got all my music to show up and my songs.xml to populate correctly. I had to give full control permissions to Music Box and my Music folder. I know when you install Music Box it tells you that it needs full control but I didnt know that the Music folder that my music is stored in needed full control as well. I do not keep my music in my users folder but on another drive all together. Its still weird how it detected some of my music but not all of it before I gave the folder full control permissions and sometimes would populate the songs.xml and sometimes would not. I still don't know if that was my total problem or not but at least all my music is showing up and my songs.xml is populated.
  12. It finally populated the songs.xml file after opening and closing the program about 20 or 30 times since I have had it. I saved the populated songs.xml to a safe folder and then erased it from MusicBoxAlpha to see if it would repopulate again and it did not,something wonky is going on for sure
  13. I truly do not know what is going on with my setup then as my songs.xml never gets populated,it just stays empty.
  14. I deleted the songs.xml as well and opened up MBA to let it recreate the file and it is still showing empty,so weird
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