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  1. I have been away from MBA for a bit and recently updated to version 0.14. Two issues Playback glitches (not present in other players) random skips Random Crashing during playback when interacting with UI. I Decided to search my collection to test responsiveness and the app crashed just cycling through tabs and menu also caused this After my third attempt no crash has occurred. just thought i share this and wish i had a way of replicating this bug.
  2. I am on version 0.13 and I have been experiencing random crashing during Playback. I don't have any information other then .NET framework stops responding.... I know this is common when when windows 10 has a pending updates but that isn't the case. at this point i don't know if this is an MBA or windows OS issue. I can say that i do use Winamp and i don't have this issue...... let me know if this has been reported.
  3. 0.13 Keep Crashing During playback........ taking a break.......
  4. This is random and has happened yet again. I am tabling this one as it could be related to other factors....
  5. I am on Version 0.13
  6. Sometimes when I minimizing MBA under Windows 10 I am unable to restore or maximize the App. The icon appears on my Task bar but clicking does nothing. I have even tried the window key tab but nothing works. I would then need to end the program via the task manager. I cannot reproduce this every time but it has happen often enough that it's worth mentioning.
  7. Rebooted machine....... cannot replicate.
  8. When Player is minimized cannot get focus back to it.... I have to force close it via Task manager
  9. I don't believe that feature is supported yet.
  10. Jason you need an exception handle when a Music file is not found. I unplugged my external Hdd that contained my music. MBA crashed upon trying to play a track. I thought something was wrong with the new version.
  11. BUG in Album view Can be reproduced. Once the Albums Populate. Select an album from the collection. The Song List will slide down (animation). Clicked on the Play icon without selecting a track.
  12. NJDave71

    MBA Bugs

    I have notice some of my Titles have the Root Path (E:\Music) appearing somewhere in their title. I checked the MP3 tag and I don't see that being passed along. I wonder if a reserved character is being passed to C# and it converts that to Root Path. Example Sorting The Songs is a bit Buggy between collections Song sort for the collection (look at Days of Future Passed) Song Sort withing the in Artist seems fine.
  13. NJDave71


    I am very happy to see things starting to pop up in the download section. Once again the community contributions is what makes the product more amazing. for those of us who want to override the Artist and Genre Images with better quality, I had developed an Image Search Plugin for Lunchbox that helps complete your Artwork collection. I like to add this handy Plugin to the MBA or have @Jason Carr Integrate it into MBA as a Context menu.
  14. Great topic I have been to over 60 concerts dating back to 1986. I will share my list soob
  15. NJDave71

    Gummi Bears

    GIAA is incredible group out of Ireland. I saw them at a small venue in New York City. It was suppose to be a meet and greet but the wait was too long.
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