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  1. 0.9 won't install, it just runs in the background forever (consuming huge amounts of processing resources). I deleted Songs.xml, still get crashes in the Album view :-\
  2. I'm getting a crash any time I try to view all of the albums in my collection.
  3. Starting to seem like a Music Database should be a higher priority than anticipated.
  4. Kriven

    Gummi Bears

    That's right. Thanks man. Haha, I never would have found that on my own. I was hearing "Media Elk." Like... The Moose Is Loose!
  5. Kriven

    Gummi Bears

    I dig it. Like an instrumental Thirty Seconds to Mars. Good mood music. Jason, what was that media organizer you recommended I use for movies and shows? Right now I've been working with Ember, but I don't like it very much at all.
  6. Kriven

    Gummi Bears

    Jason also apparently doesn't know Buffalo Springfield.
  7. Kriven

    Gummi Bears

    There seems to be some confusion as to who the *real* Gummi Bears are. Here, these are the real Gummi Bears.
  8. I'll give 500x300 a try, then. That should be the same ratio.
  9. Haha, so like a Last.fm community for Music Box users. I think I like it.
  10. I use the ripper built into Media Monkey tbh.
  11. I actually have a whole bunch of Genre images I made to go with my old Tile Box LaunchBox style... a bunch of them should be easily worked into some kind of Theme Pack here. What dimensions should I be working with? The images generated by Music Box just now are mostly 600 x 400, but I tried that just now and a portion of the logo gets cropped off.
  12. At present is it preferred that we engage in feature-request discussion on the board here while the project is new, or is it--like with LaunchBox--preferable for us to use the Bit Bucket?
  13. The program is going to have a toggle to prefer file metadata over scraper metadata, right? The last thing I want is a scraper "fixing" my meticulous metadata tags.
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