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  1. It's fine and I'm glad to hear you're working on it. I can understand your situation. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. Has been almost an year since I've purchased MBA and I have to say that I'm somewhat disappointed with the overall experience. I guess I thought I'd have the same experience that I have with LaunchBox. Although I understand it's currently at Alpha stage, the gap between releases is very sparse, the amount of content that's implemented is very low and not as helpful as one would want/expect, and the lack of information regarding where it is heading and the forum is way too quiet. I'm currently not using MBA as my main player but I'm constantly checking the forums and the software for news and updates. Maybe if you would provide us a roadmap or something to look up to would ease our minds (mine at least). Thank you and I'm sorry about the rant.
  3. Can we get artists logos like in launchbox? Thanks.
  4. Since I would really like to have all my media files in one place, switching between them seamlessly without loading screens, I just had this idea that might work, you should merge MusicBox and LaunchBox into one EntertainmentBox and maybe in the near future add MovieBox, ComixBox, BookBox . You would have the base product with all free versions, and keys would be sold separately as modules, like DLCs to the base product. I know the inner workings might not be that much similar like the interface is, but I think by having the available module on the app is a much better way to target an audience that already uses LaunchBox. Despite the trouble, I think it would increase the hype on MusicBox and future products you plan to develop, generate more sales, increase the feedback, update rate and overall quality of the product. Anyways, just food for thought.
  5. In my opinion what makes LaunchBox great, aside for the fact that it looks good, is how easy it makes to customize and set the library to your taste, which is hell in other frontends. Kodi has the same problem, it automates too much, and sometimes I just want to CTRL+E and edit some stuff to my liking. I already use LaunchBox for movies with the movie scrapper add-on, it's much better than Kodi to customize info and art, but because it's not native it doesn't work as proper as it should.
  6. I second that, and if it's possible, make it integrated with LaunchBox/BigBox, that's what I'm looking for AIO entertainment haven.
  7. I think you'll have to make it a more opinionated software when it comes to these decisions, either way I can see that you always have the greater good in mind. I'll keep on the look out for more updates. Thanks for the reply,
  8. I'm having the same problem, and I'm currently using the old winamp to bulk edit the meta tags. I do miss the CTRL+E function of LaunchBox and the "combine albums" so double CDs would show up just once, but still, that's not the point, the point is I don't want to fake the track's meta tag so it works on this specific program. The way I see it, it should be album driven, so it's more important the album that contains the artist and not the other way around, because albums are organized packages in itself, and artists go around playing with a lot of people, and, talking about artists playing around, there's another problem that comes along with the tag organization, some musics are from two or more artists, and that ends up creating a bunch of duplicates. A good way to work around this would be to display everything related to an artist in a single page, and under that page you'd have all his works and albums the artist has appeared on, and it could even have categories like "Studio Albums", "Live Albums", "Rarities" and "Appears in" which would show what other multi artists CDs this particular artist appear. Another good way around this would be to give the option of folder sorting, makes it so much easier and organic to deal with my library just moving folders around and splitting content. Anyways, keep it up, it looks great already.
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