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  1. I like how when a song is playing it displays the artist art behind the playlist. Is there a way to add multiple art files per artist? It would be cool if it could rotate through them on a timed slideshow instead on a single image. Keep up the awesome work!
  2. If that is the case it is definitely doing some sort of conversion on the album art then. I tested it out. I downloaded some nice high quality album art in JPG format. Converted the high quality 1000x1000px album art to png and replaced the art in the album art cache folder. I then removed and re-added the library folder and the art looked great. After backing up my image folder I clicked refresh image on some album art. On every album I 'refreshed' the file in the cache folder was replaced with a 200x200px version of the art. It looks terrible. Some similar
  3. Don't worry. Worked it out. It only likes .png. Once I converted my .jpg to .png they worked. Maybe we could make jpg a valid filetype for album art?
  4. I noticed a lot of the album art Musicbox sourced was quite low, 200x200px. I downloaded some higher quality album art and replaced the art in the cache folder, but instead it simply re-downloaded the lower quality image. It seems to refuse to use the art I put in there. Is there a way to force Musicbox to use high quality artwork?
  5. Oh well that's fine then, nothing to worry about. Pretty ballsy for someone to complain about a demo product.
  6. Is there a way to force MBA to re-scan my music folder? At the moment after I add files into it I am having to remove the music folder and re-add it to get the new music. I tried waiting a few minutes to see if it would do it but got impatient
  7. The 500 song limit is just for the demo or alpha? I've only imported a few albums so far so i haven't hit a limit, wasn't aware there was one. Surely the final product will have no limit.
  8. Is there a way to add\remove columns in the app? I don't need rating\last played\plays, would rather have the column space for longer song titles. Also can the columns be resized or is that not a thing yet?
  9. I changed the in-app colour to deep pink but everytime I restart the app it reverts to green and I have to change it again. Not an urgent issue but thought I'd mention it.
  10. Fairly varied. Hopefully MusicBox will one day let us view other peoples collections, a nice way to find new music. At the moment listening mostly to Garbage, Type O Negative, Babymetal and Mr Bungle.
  11. Just to clarify, I mean streaming my local library, not like a subscription service ;)
  12. +10000 thumbs up the addition of a shuffle button
  13. Just bought into the alpha and I'm very impressed Would love to replace Google Music with MusicBox. Any future plans on implementing the ability to stream from MusicBox to other devices? If I could stream from MusicBox on my PC to my phone and work PC I could give Google the boot.
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