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  1. Also its been crashing lately repeatedly when clicking on particular artists, under artists.
    Thanks for these images you should make more of them, I use them to fill in the artist images so that they are not black/blank squares in my MBA, when I don't care if a particular artist has no picture.
  2. The main bug is freezing, and crashing randomly and this is with version 0.14 at least that is happening to me.
  3. It seems to have no limit if you own a forever license like I do, I bought it for half price, and I have thousands of songs, and I will have it unlimited forever!! Same with Big box I have that unlimited forever too!!
  4. Also randomly crashes, and freezes up when using the search feature.
  5. Yes I'm still getting random crashes with the update to 0.14 right shortly after selecting, and then starting up a song it freezes up completely, sometimes even skips during the song, and then crashes. Thanks for trying to fix this.
  6. Also MBA sometimes doubles up song files, or at least will show you doubles of the same songs.
  7. Hi I'm a new user of MBA and I also have found MBA crashes a lot on me, just at random times. I just bought it the other day, because I wanted the discount price, plus I'm a Launchbox/Big box fan, and paid for that too. So I wanted to support this project since I expect this will get better with time. But thought I'd make you aware of random crashes. Not sure if anyone else gets them, I do have a pretty large music collection, plan on adding MBA to my MAME arcade cabinet that I'm building which will also be using Launchbox/Big box. Hope the bugs can be worked out soon.
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