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  1. After using MBA a bit again lately, I have to say the thing most bothering me at this point is how long of a delay there is in between tracks. Sometimes it takes ~5 seconds of delay before the next track starts playing but it is pretty much never instantaneous.. there is always some type of delay. I will say that I am using high quality FLACS which may take longer to load, but it's a bummer when listening to an album where the tracks are supposed to flow smoothly from one to the next without interruption. I remember certain media players giving the option to manually control how long of a pause is in between tracks but I would certainly appreciate having the ability to have no delay at all as an option if not the default setting. I realize this may be more of a technical thing rather than purely a design thing, but there must be a way to get the next track loaded ahead of time and cached so that it is ready by the end of the current track. The other thing that is a bit confusing to me is how the 'Now Playing' functionality works. I have never seen a media player where items are removed from the queue as you go through it. As a frequent example, sometimes I just finish listening to a song and want to remember what it was called, but when I pull up the queue it is no longer there.. Usually when a queue completes, the entire list of items remains so that you can easily start the queue over again. Also, it seems it would make sense if you could add/remove items from the queue list, and rearrange items via click and drag, or trigger a different song in the queue via double click. Are these just things you haven't gotten around to implementing yet or is the Now Playing queue working as intended? If it's a matter of not getting around to it yet, would you by any chance be willing to share what your long term vision is for Now Playing queue functionality? Thanks again for getting the initially reported issue fixed 🙂
  2. Something I've noticed is that when starting an album midway through, for example at track 5 or 6 (or anything other than 1) the Now Playing playlist will jump back to track one after the selected track completes, begin playing the album from the beginning, then skip over the track you had first selected (but had already listened to), and then play the rest of the album. So for example, if I start an album at track 5, track 5 will play to completion, then the playlist will jump back to track 1, then it will play track 1-4. Once it reaches track 5 it will skip over it, I guess because it's 'already been played' and then tracks 6 to the end of the album will play. Ever other media player I've ever used, and the behavior which I would expect/want is that the album would progress normally from where it was started, so if track 5 was selected, then track 6 would play when it was done, and the album would progress normally to the end. I can't say I remember this happening in the earlier releases.. it seems to maybe have started after the last update or two, probably when changes were made to the Now Playing queue. I imagine this is not intended behavior.. but possibly it is. If it is working as intended, I ask that you please reconsider!! As always, thanks for your time and keep up the good work 🙂
  3. I agree 😄 I hope F5 works as a hotkey to refresh metadata and Images
  4. From what I've noticed it seems like MBA would at some point detect it and add it to the view but this usually takes a while.. it's quicker to close the application and reopen it.
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    hmm maybe it would make more sense to have better keyboard only support for navigating the interface. currently the keyboard arrow keys scroll and goes forward and back sometimes .. not even really sure how they are behaving but maybe allow selecting albums/songs with arrow keys etc. + press enter to play then he can use some kind of key mapper software if he wants to use a controller.
  6. Hi Jason, Thanks for getting back to me. I have tested over the past month or so since I posted this and strangely enough, for the most part, after making this post it seems that MBA, rather than start playback at the next queued track, would simply just close itself when I turned off the projector. I would know the application is open when I powered off my projector yet the next morning it would be closed and not running. This I guess is preferable behavior to what I originally posted as it's really no big loss at all to close the application, but to me it is still weird that it's happening at all. I leave a bunch of other applications running (browsers, Launchbox 😛 Steam, Microsoft Word Excel etc.) and they remain totally unaffected whether my display is on or not. Anyways, over the past week, including last night, I encountered the original reported behavior (playback starting at next track) 3 times. I am running video and audio through my gtx970 card into my audio receiver which then sends video to the projector and audio to my surround system. I'm not sure if/how/why any of that would be relevant but yes this is a bit of a strange issue lol.. perhaps that kind of set it up is a smaller use case for your audience but I don't think it's terribly uncommon and I'm not sure why any of that would be relevant to how the application behaves within Windows. Anywho I just figured you may want that brought to your attention. Thanks for all your hard work! Looking forward to the next release 😎
  7. Hi Jason, I have been really enjoying MBA and bought a license as I began to approach the 1000 song limit 🙂 Thanks for being so responsive via the forums... I also feel like some of my suggestions from this thread potentially inspired some of the features included in the last release.. namely the right click go to folder option and the bar loading animation which is a nice touch and good solution to the semi-awkward loading periods i mentioned in my OP. I was def happy to see these features included! After some more time with the program I have come up with another list of ideas I'd like to share with you. Before doing that though I want to respond to some of the other posters as well as you: It seems like Discogs has a lot of additional artwork and scans for many of the albums in its database. That could be a good place to start. Also just including support for us to manually put the files in a directory (and each album would have its own directory with the name of the album?) and pull them by filename or something would be nice as well. I'm sure the way you have it working in Launchbox could be well adapted. I really like the idea of using a collage and/or slide show of album art in place of artists who don't have pictures. This could also be a cool option even for artists you DO have pictures for. You could choose in settings to show Artist picture in background, or a collage or slide show of album art, or have it randomly pick each time you click a new artist, or cycle through them... also having support for multiple artist pictures so you can have a slide show or have it pick a random one for background would be nice. Having support for musicbrainz would be nice.. I use MBA in tandem with mp3tag which seems to work well. I read somewhere else you thought about including mp3tag functionality which surely would be nice.. i don't mind using it separately though . It works well with being able to easily open the location of songs/albums now, and doing quick metadata touch up via MBA is working well after the latest release. Again I have no problem doing bulk metadata fixing up via mp3tag. I already mentioned this in my OP and have seen some other posters mention it elsewhere on the forum but I would like to reiterate how absolutely AWESOME it would be if Albums would list in order of release date rather than alphabetical . I don't imagine this would be very hard to implement and it would be great to see ASAP imo. I'm not sure how you plan to implement this if you've thought about it already.. in the right click menu having "Organize by: > Alphabetical / Year (Release Date)" Or have a Toggle switch / drop down (if more than 2 ways of organizing are included) up at the top of the UI or something? Anyways here is my 2nd batch of fresh ideas.. A lot of times when I click an album that is currently on the bottom row... it seems like nothing happens. so without thinking I click it again thinking my click "didn't register".. it usually takes me 3-5 seconds of staring at my screen to notice oh.. the album opened up below what is currently visible, so i have to scroll down to see the track listing... would it be possible to auto scroll the screen down to accomodate the tracklist that just spawned so it is in focus and totally visible? Pressing F5 to trigger a metadata and/or image refresh on the currently selected item would be fantastic 😄 I'm sure you are planning on this but being able to interact with the Now Playing queue would obviously be great.. being able to insert tracks into an active queue (drag and drop and/or right click item and select (add to Now playing queue)) / being able to reorder songs in queue (drag and drop and/or right click move up move down move to top move to bottom etc.)/ being able to remove songs from queue (right click, remove from now playing) would all be great to see sooner than later 😄 For mice that have forward/back buttons, supporting these would be great for navigating the interface! Being able to control the Psychedelic color changing setting would be cool. For starters, changing the speed the colors cycle would be nice. Also being able to choose your color gradient (instead of full rainbow, just orange and blue, or yellow green and red, etc. maybe up to 2 3 or 4 colors,) to go even further - for reference look at RGB case lighting or keyboards with rgb lighting software and what they offer - various settings such as color wave, color strobe, sync color to sound volume etc. etc. Obviously not essential but would def be fun & cool and give your application further unique appeal 🙂 I think these would all make nice additions to the experience.. hopefully some (or all 🤞) sound worthwhile & enticing to you as well Thanks again for both LB & MBA... it's almost as much (or even more!) fun playing with these apps than the games & music themselves lol
  8. For some reason MBA seems to trigger playing the next track when I turn on/off my display. I have found that if I leave MBA open on my machine, after I turn off my display (in this case, my computer is hooked up to a projector) once the projector fully powers down, MBA starts playing the next queued up track, even though at the time of turning off my display no track was playing at all. It's a bit of a silly problem but usually I turn the display off to go to bed, get all tucked in, then after a minute or two my projector powers down and all of a sudden music starts blaring out of my speakers 😂 To make things worse, projectors take a while to boot back up (vs a monitor or even TV) so that I can stop the playback. I also notice that upon turning the display back on, MBA yet again skips to the next track. Obviously not the biggest of problems but seems a bit strange and maybe it's something you can easily fix.
  9. Hi there. I have been intrigued by Music Box Alpha since hearing about it as I love Launchbox and what it's done for my emulation experience. I recently decided to begin upgrading my entire music collection to Uncompressed FLAC as I finally have the storage capacity to make that reasonable. I figured what a great opportunity to load everything into Music Box Alpha as I upgrade/tag/organize everything. After using it for a bit now I wanted to share my thoughts.. I understand MBA is still very early in development and many suggestions have already been mentioned and added to the list, but I think there are some fresh new ideas here as well: - Would much rather have albums order chronologically... currently they seem to only display alphabetically . - When in song view, organizing by album should have tracks listed in track # order. Currently I can't even tell what secondary variable they are being ordered by.. Play Count? - Right clicking a file/album and have a "Go to folder" or "Open Folder location in Explorer" etc. option would be nice ! - Hovering over an album to give a floating Play/Pause option on top of the album art (maybe next & previous track as well) - A Total song/album count at bottom/somewhere would be nifty - Selecting a new song seems to be noticeably slow (2-3 full seconds). Not sure if this is due to me using FLAC files which are bigger to load/accessing them over my NAS but I don't seem to notice a delay when using any other media player Bonus Ideas: - Launchbox includes a way to explore tons of artwork & manuals for game releases.. MBA should include a way to view album art, inside & liner notes, the media itself (Vinyl/CD), alternative release artwork etc. - Loading screens have recently been added to Launchbox which include a spinning CD when the image is available. It would be amazing if there was an option to display a little CD player/Record player in the bottom corner (where album art is currently shown) which would spin with the scan of the physical media when available while the disc is playing. Something similar to the Dreamcast's CD player but from a top down view: Anyways, the ideas are generally listed in order of importance/estimated ease of implementing to more aesthetic/non essential but cool. Keep up the good work!
  10. Fair enough, I do understand that phone apps are typically priced disgustingly low so I am not suggesting you should be in that territory (even though I imagine they require about the same amount of work to program? Shuttle is a very good app!). It's just that on the other hand, $50 is kind of a lot vs a $20 or $30 pricepoint that would seem more reasonable IMO. In any event, more than even the price complaint is the fact that the Music Box Alpha demo has a 1000 song limit imposed.. I would rather see the free version have unlimited songs but some other kind of feature limit (maybe some kind of awesome visualizer system and extra EQ settings or something for purchasers), similar to the way Launchbox works. I think that would be a better way to get people hooked. In any event, thank you for the very quick response. I am very impressed :-) I have a few more questions for you but they would probably be suited better for a separate thread
  11. I am a huge video game nerd and fell in love with Launchbox.. what a stellar application! I saw that you advertised Music Box Alpha and the only thing I love more than video games is music!! I was super excited to see you were working on a similar application for music. I understand that Music Box Alpha is super early in development but I was considering to purchase it early as you are advertising 50% off now. I have to be completely honest.. I was shocked that you are expecting people to pay $50 for this application.. even when it is eventually full featured. Even at the current 50% off $25 that is a hugely steep price IMO. I think the 50$ price tag for Launchbox is entirely reasonable, as handling Emulation and all the various configurations and emulators etc etc is a lot more complex than simply organizing and playing music. I am not sure if you are familiar with an app for Android called "Shuttle Music Player" but it seems to be very similar to what you are trying to achieve with Music Box Alpha and it's hard for me to not use it as a point of comparison. Shuttle is currently being sold for $1.50. Shuttle is a fully featured application that (very similarly to your Launchbox model) offers no major restrictions in the free version. The Music Box Alpha free version has a 1000 song limit which makes it basically worthless (to me at least). I downloaded the free version of Shuttle and fell in love with it. After getting all my music loaded in and organized and having it become a part of my daily life, I decided to pay for it to unlock the advanced features, which I believe were the ability to edit meta data easily from within the app itself as well as some extra skins etc. Launchbox was very similar - I also fell in love with it in the free version, got all my games loaded in and organized, had everything working properly... then after seeing how well it worked and already having everything set up ready for use, it was a no brainer to upgrade to Big Box. It's obviously your application, you do seem to do amazing work, so it's up to you what you want to do with it. I just honestly don't see why you are going with this model for Music Box Alpha instead of what was seemingly a great model that worked well for Launchbox. Especially when there are already many music players/organizers out there that have been around for decades vs emulation organizers which there are not many alternative options. If you are selling licenses up the wazoo and are happy with everything then by all means go ahead with your plan. I just have to be honest that I am directly in your target market, am a huge fan of your other work, but have a really bad taste in mouth with both the 1000 song limit in the demo version, and then the asking price of $50 when I have a similar application that actually has full support of pretty much every planned feature for your application (& more) and it is being sold for $1.50. Sorry if I come off like an ungrateful complainer. I wish you success and wanted to share my thoughts with you.
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