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  1. Unfortunately not yet @Cloud. Hopefully soon.
  2. Sorry for the late reply here. Where did you get this FLAC file? Did you rip it yourself? If so, what tool did you use to rip it?
  3. Thanks for the suggestion @HawkBlade. I don't believe that idea has come up before.
  4. @nbasda999 Good to know, thanks. I'll add those to the list.
  5. Oh, the proper way to handle compilation albums is to put "Various Artists" into the Album Artist tag for every song on compilation albums.
  6. Usually this is because the compilation albums are missing an Album Artist tag, which is the proper/industry-standard way to identify albums with multiple artists. Apologies for the extra work, but there isn't really any better way to handle compilation albums.
  7. Hi @dmaker, usually this is because the song metadata is incorrect in the music file tags. It can be fixed by editing the songs and putting them into the same album and artist. Let me know if that helps.
  8. Thanks @mobarton. At some point we do plan to add a more Big Box-style interface to MBA. I don't think the issue of controller support has come up yet, actually, outside of discussion surrounding that kind of interface. But noted.
  9. Thanks much; I suspect that the thumbnail image issues may be because of using Total Commander instead of Windows Explorer. We need to replace that code at some point anyways in order to get better thumbnail support.
  10. Okay, it looks like it's having trouble parsing some of the videos, which is probably why the errors were happening to begin with. If you can share the log files, that would help to see what we can do to improve it. The thumbnail images are currently coming from Windows, so if the videos don't have proper thumbnails in Windows Explorer, they won't have proper thumbnails by default in MBA (currently).
  11. Hey guys, just letting you know that this issue should hopefully be fixed in version 0.26.
  12. @jan_axhell Version 0.26 is out now with a hopeful fix for these issues. Let me know if it fixes the issue for you.
  13. @Music Is King Version 0.26 is out now with a hopeful fix. Let me know if it fixes the issue for you.
  14. The logs are located under MusicBoxAlpha\Logs, wherever MBA is installed. I think I found the issue though, after looking at @Music Is King's logs. Should have a new version out today with a fix.
  15. Thank you @Music Is King; looking into this today.
  16. @jan_axhell @Music Is King If you guys can share with me a log file of this issue occurring, I can look into it deeper. I have not been able to replicate it as of yet.
  17. Yes, I have seen this elsewhere. Do you have a log file for me?
  18. I'll look into this, though it should be solved by just restarting MBA. I can't seem to replicate this; I tested this exact scenario and everything worked as expected. Are you sure the new music files that you added have tags? It's possible that they're somewhere else in the collection because they're missing file tags or something of that nature. It's probably just because the mp3 files don't have any images or metadata/file tags on them. Thanks for the support!
  19. Hey all, version 0.25 is out now with the following: Improvement: The included version of CUETools was updated to version 2.1.8, which should help fix a number of issues with CD ripping Improvement: Album song lists can now be collapsed as well (instead of just expanded) by clicking on the album a second time Improvement: The album song lists were cutting off artist and track names if the width of the window was too small; we now hide the album image and resize the columns to ensure that artist and track names are not cut off Improvement: Better debug logging has been added to help troubleshoot any unexpected issues; it is on by default and will create log files in the Logs subfolder, but can be turned off in Settings Improvement: Downloading artist and album images should now be a tad bit quicker and more reliable, and details are now located in the log files Fixed: Song selection in the albums view was jumping to the top after double-clicking on a song Fixed: Rare issue where the Music Box Alpha window would start up sized way too small I focused on fixes and minor improvements for this go around, but we'll be back to new features shortly.
  20. I've fixed this for the next version, which should be out shortly. All I can figure is that this must be an issue with the way we're reading the file tags, or with the library that we're using to read them. I'll dive in deeper to this yet, but I'm not immediately finding a solution. There is a file called Log.txt in the MusicBoxAlpha\Data folder. It could certainly use more information in it, but if you do run into further issues, it might help to send it our way. It would probably be best to do it in a PM though for privacy reasons. Usually this can be fixed by changing the playback settings under Options > Playback. I would first try increasing the Latency value by a small margin. It's usually just caused by the hardware not being able to keep up with the low latency. This has been fixed for the next version, which should be out shortly. This one I haven't yet been able to reproduce. Have you found any clues as to what might be causing it to happen? Does it have to do with resizing the window? I'm not fully following here. Do you mean the taskbar is on auto-hide?
  21. @daitallica Fixed this potential issue for the next version, which should be out shortly.
  22. @nbasda999 I have a new version coming out shortly that will allow you to collapse albums.
  23. Hi all, I've fixed this for the next version, which should be out shortly.
  24. Interesting, thanks guys. I'll look to see if I can find anything to fix that.
  25. Hi @nbasda999, thanks for the reports. I don't think there's currently a way to stop showing the tracks once you've selected an album, but I do have that on my to-do list to enable closing the albums. I haven't seen that scroll bar issue, but I'll see if I can replicate it.
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