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  1. Could be, yeah. Also could be caused by an anti-virus or anti-malware app. I did test the artist image downloads in the latest version just to make sure we don't have a global issue, and they seem to be downloading fine, so it must be something system-specific.
  2. Jason Carr

    IOS app

    Unfortunately our last experience on mobile was not at all a good one, so we're unfortunately not likely to tackle iOS or Android any time soon.
  3. Unfortunately not all artist images are always found. Maybe that's what's going on? It doesn't make sense that an older version would find one while a new version wouldn't though. Are you sure you didn't manually add images for those artists in the older version? I don't think a reinstall will make any difference in that regard.
  4. Hmm, that's especially odd that they all previously had images, but don't anymore. Do you have images for those artists in your MusicBoxAlpha\Images\Artists folder?
  5. Jason Carr

    How About ?

    I honestly really wish I could do this, but unfortunately I don't think it's possible. The cloud music providers generally don't want anyone playing their music outside of their own services, which really sucks. That's the main reason why I dropped them years ago. I am planning to add music videos, but again, there's not much I can do to make it work with the cloud. Noted.
  6. Unfortunately it sounds like your car doesn't support "album in a file" albums with cue sheets, which is the format that MBA rips to. It's a much more convenient format than traditional flac files per track, but not everything supports it. Unfortunately you may need to use different software to rip your discs if you need your car supported.
  7. @Bashyman You can indeed add artwork, just right-click on whatever you want to add artwork to. Unfortunately it still doesn't automatically read folder.jpg files though.
  8. Hey guys, put out a couple updated versions in the last few days. This issue should be fixed (as well as some others).
  9. Hi Paul, sorry for the late reply here; I'm not sure how I missed this. Unfortunately MBA does not (yet) save where you were when you close out and re-open. I'll put that on the list though.
  10. Hi Strikersfan, as far as I am aware, there shouldn't be any kind of an issue parsing in any flac files. However, if the files aren't tagged (if they don't have any artist/album data on them), that could be the issue.
  11. I see, interesting. The ripping is actually done by CUE Tools. I've contributed some interface code to the project (or at least offered it up), but I'm honestly not an expert on their code base, so I'm not sure I'd be very good at trying to get that ripping issue fixed, unfortunately. I will say that we have run into a number of issues with CUE Tools though, but I know that CD ripping is surprisingly complicated, so I'm not sure if there are any better options out there currently. Good to know about the tag editing. I will see if I can reproduce and fix that metadata editing issue. :)
  12. Unfortunately not currently. Genres are currently just a single level. It's a cool idea, but since music metadata providers don't typically provide nested genres, folks would have to manually add them in, so I don't think we can make that a priority.
  13. Thanks @Strikersfan and welcome. To be honest, I've never heard of that happening before. Could it be that the disc is actually encoded that way? We have found some bugs in the shuffle stuff that we have fixed for the next release. I'm hoping to put out a fixed release here soon. Unfortunately I haven't seen that issue either. I do know that we have had trouble with certain CD/DVD drives in our testing. CUE Tools (the utility that we use for ripping) sometimes has problems reading discs on certain drives, so that may be the issue. Is this happening with music files you've ripped with MBA or imported? What types of files are they? I can look into it.
  14. Hi Octo, sorry to hear you're not happy with the product. We have a new version in the works, but judging from your complaints here, it doesn't sound like you're going to be satisfied for a long while. If you'd like a refund, please just email us at support@unbrokensoftware.com and we're more than happy to get you one. We're clearly not misleading anyone here; all you have to do is download the product for free to experience it in full before purchase. We have big plans for Music Box Alpha, but those plans don't necessarily equate to the same plans that we have for LaunchBox or Big Box.
  15. You know what...I don't even know lol... I'm guessing I have to add something specific to the code to enable that. I'll add that to the list.
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