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  1. I think these are more meant for your desktop than something to be used inside of MBA. I don't think you can currently use them in MBA.
  2. Jason Carr


    There are plenty of ways to convert your ripped music to MP3s, but unfortunately MBA doesn't currently do this automatically for you. I would probably use foobar2000 to do the conversion.
  3. Correct, unless you tell it to. It will change metadata and such if you tell it to, but not on its own.
  4. Sorry for the late reply. That's definitely a nice-to-have, but would also be significant work. Noted though.
  5. Thanks @daitallica. That should be easy enough, so I'll add it to the short list.
  6. Good to know @daitallica. We have a lot of things on the list yet, but I agree that it would be good to have (I happen to be a guitarist as well).
  7. Thanks @Neocrius. That's probably a ways off if I'm honest, but I will add it to the list.
  8. Are they FLAC files? If MBA is having trouble changing the artist names on them, you could try using Mp3tag to do the same. That's probably the best workaround for now.
  9. Per #1, there could be some kind of saving issue in writing the file tags there. Can you narrow it down to one song file that is causing an issue so that I can test with it? #2 I wasn't aware of, but I'll look into. Once the volume control is selected you can change it with the arrow keys, but that might not be very useful if all you have is the touch screen. #3 Songs will be added to favorites when you rate them 5 stars. #4 I do plan to add a visualizer eventually, yes. YouTube quick launch is a good idea as well.
  10. Hi Bonoscot, sorry to hear. Can you PM me your MusicBoxAlpha\Data\Log.txt file? That should help us troubleshoot.
  11. Hi mibro, feel free to report any bugs here. I see everything on these forums so this should work fine.
  12. Music Box Alpha 0.19 is out today with the following: New Feature: Added new side bar items for Recently Added and Recently Played in order to easily find recent items New Feature: Shuffle is now available via the controls bar on the bottom Fixed: Incorrect ripping error messages Fixed: Changing volume while a song is paused now correctly changes the volume for the song when resumed Up next we plan to tackle playlists and music videos as the next big features.
  13. Jason Carr


    Hi @Moriphiend, sorry for the delays. Yes, we have a version that is feature complete that we're hoping to put out soon, but we keep running into bugs that we need to fix with it before we put it out. The next version will have shuffle and new sections for Recently Added and Recently Played.
  14. Thank you @elemieu; that is a great idea. I'll add that to my list (per hiding MP3s when FLAC is available). We do have a sync feature planned for eventually but I don't have a design for it yet, and it may be a while.
  15. Unfortunately I don't have an automatic way to do this, outside of using some sort of a bulk rename tool to rename the images and put them in the right places. There's one called Bulk File Renamer around that should work (though it can be rather complicated to use). Thanks for the purchase and glad to hear that you're liking it.
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