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  1. Jason Carr

    Collection Viewing Suggestions

    Thank you A-Noid, most of that was already planned, but there are a couple of good ideas in there that I hadn't considered. Adding them to my list.
  2. Jason Carr

    Crash after ripping CD

    Thank you A-Noid, I'm guessing you're correct. I'll get that fixed.
  3. Sadly no, but I will look into it. What are the make and models of both of your drives?
  4. Yeah, Exact Audio Copy is really the only other product (other than CUETools) that provides accurate rips. It's been a while since I've used it; the only problem with it is less support for proper FLAC CD images (though they may have added better support for that recently). Regardless, I haven't attempted it yet but I still think I can make some headway on that issue with CUETools.
  5. Jason Carr

    Albums Not Separating

    Thank you @CutTheRug. I'll take a look.
  6. Jason Carr

    Incorrect Times

    The CUE is actually embedded in the FLAC file, so the FLAC file will do just fine. Thanks!
  7. No problem @Ded2Me. Keep in mind that I am aware that CUETools has some compatibility issues with some drives, and I *do* plan on looking at it.
  8. Jason Carr

    Incorrect Times

    Wow, that's odd. Can you upload the FLAC file here via PM so I can test with it? I'll delete it as soon as I'm done for legal reasons, but I'll need the file in order to debug this. Thanks @Kneeba.
  9. I see; that makes sense. I'll see if I can tweak those column sizes.
  10. Thanks @Kneeba; I'll be looking into this soon.
  11. Hi Undaunting, it looks like maybe the window is just sized too small. What is your screen resolution? Can you size the window any bigger? In the future we'll add more options for hiding and showing columns and resizing and such. Currently, there's no way to exclude songs either, but that's a good idea to add as well. Thanks for the support and we'll get those features in there soon.
  12. Jason Carr

    Albums Split into Many

    Much appreciated.
  13. Jason Carr

    How do I add to favorites?

    There is a demo video on the YouTube channel here: Favorites currently shows everything that is rated 5 stars. You should be able to right-click on album art and artist art, but that's it. I'm guessing you're just expecting some things to be there that aren't there yet.
  14. Jason Carr

    Albums Split into Many

    Eventually I will be adding options for it, yes, even for non-standard artist configurations, or at least a way to easily fix the issue in the tags.