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  1. Jason Carr


    Ah, I see. It should be able to import mp3s, m4as, flacs, and pretty much any other typical music format. Does the folder show up in the list after you add it?
  2. Jason Carr

    Blank Window Adding Folders

    Huh, I'm sorry to hear. What are the details of the hardware in your PC? What version of Windows are you running? Hopefully we can get it figured out and fixed, but I'm more than happy to offer you a refund if we have trouble.
  3. Jason Carr

    Colour resetting to green

    Wow, I see that too. Sorry for that; I'll look into it. Not sure what I did to break that lol.
  4. Jason Carr

    Add\Remove columns

    Currently no on both of those things, but they're both planned.
  5. Jason Carr

    Scanning Folders

    Yup, that's correct. That said, getting files to re-scan if metadata in the file has changed can sometimes be a problem currently. That is a known issue that I'll be fixing here soon.
  6. Jason Carr

    Some basic suggestions

    Yeah, I think I better tackle that one next.
  7. Jason Carr

    Stream from MusicBox?

    I would definitely love to build this in eventually, but honestly it will probably be a while. It is in the plans for long-term though. Thanks so much for the purchase and great to hear that it's working well for you.
  8. Jason Carr

    0.14 crashes when pressing Collection arrow

    Hi jurassitol, that button is supposed to switch to the first song and play it, so that's the correct functionality, but obviously it shutting down isn't. You can double-click on things to play specific tracks. I'll add some debugging info for the next release to help troubleshoot this. Thanks.
  9. Jason Carr

    Some issues and bugs noticed with MBA

    Thanks Dylan. Let me know if you're still getting random crashes with 0.14. I tried hard to get rid of them for this release. The double song files I think should be fixed as well, though you'll probably need to remove and re-add your music folders.
  10. Jason Carr


    Are you referring to Manage Folders from the menu? Where are you exactly in the interface?
  11. Jason Carr

    Some issues and bugs noticed with MBA

    Huh, that's new. Thanks @kmoney. I'll take a look.
  12. Jason Carr

    Music Box Alpha 0.14 Released

    Hey all, it's been a while but I have a new update out for Music Box Alpha! Here's the change log: Version 0.14 - Released October 18, 2018 - New Feature: Fanart.tv is now being used to automatically download higher resolution artist images! Many thanks to fanart.tv for allowing us to integrate the API. - New Feature: A new right-click menu is available on artist, album, and genre objects with options to download new images and browse for images (for artists only at current), refresh images, or open the image folders - Improvement: Added accessibility features to volume control, now has mouse wheel and arrow key support - Improvement: Significant performance improvements for large libraries - Fixed: Stability issue with some music files Going forward, I do plan to put out updates with much more frequency. The LaunchBox.Next implementation admittedly took up way more time than I expected, which is the biggest reason for the delays on Music Box Alpha development. My apologies for that. I use Music Box Alpha for my own collection (of course), so it's not going to slip through the cracks. This update is just the beginning of the integration with Fanart.tv; eventually the plan is to allow downloading all types of missing media in your collection, select from the images that are available, etc. On top of that I plan to add fully automated CD-ripping functionality that is based on CUETools/CUERipper, as well as full tag editing and the like. These things are currently the highest priorities on the list.
  13. Jason Carr

    Why Isn't My Music Beautiful?

    Music must have decent tags in order to be handled well in a music player/manager application. Eventually, I plan to add the ability to tag files within MBA, but that's not there yet. I don't have any current plans to create movie or photo apps, but never say never.
  14. Jason Carr

    Is MBA playing my mp3's or another program

    I'm a bit confused by what you mean, but if you're using Music Box Alpha, then Music Box Alpha is playing your music.
  15. Jason Carr

    Where are the Music Box Updates?

    Hi Music, I do have an update in the works.