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  1. Jason Carr

    Making THemes?

    It's essentially the same as making LaunchBox themes, but I don't have any real documentation on it yet. You can just copy the Default folder and then change stuff in the XAML files, and then select the new folder name in the options.
  2. Thank you Dan. Unfortunately there still isn't but it is high up on my list. I currently have metadata editing in the works and I'll probably have shuffle/repeat in there as well before the next version.
  3. Yeah, it might. I'll take a look.
  4. Interesting. Must be a glitch with CUERipper, I guess.
  5. I'm guessing maybe the log file would report where the errors occur? I think it does.
  6. That is a great idea, though it's more of a suggestion for CUETools/CUERipper than MBA. It's also possible that CUETools has something like that built-in already, but I'm not aware of it.
  7. Hehehe, no worries. Feedback is always good. I'll add that to my list.
  8. Gotcha. Those retries are normal, and are usually just because it's having trouble reading the disc, for whatever reason. But the retries are how it manages to get perfect reads off of discs that it struggles to read, so that looks like it's working as expected.
  9. Thank you scabab. Editing song metadata is definitely coming soon, as well as song/album counts.
  10. Hi scabab, did you rip the music from the CD or just put it in the folder? It's probably because the file tags (song names, artist, etc.) aren't correct or are not filled out.
  11. I will be adding support for folder.jpg files, but currently it only reads the artwork from the file tags. For now, the best option would be to use a program like Mp3tag to batch-add the folder.jpg files to the file tags.
  12. Yes, there are many ways that hidden tracks can be encoded on discs. My point is only to say that if it's ripped as one track, then I'm almost certain it's one track on the disc, so that's irrelevant at this point.
  13. Hi @Drean, unfortunately this is just a relic of how CDs work. CDs define where the tracks start and end, which is then replicated in the resulting file. Hidden tracks are just added into the same track on CDs, so unfortunately they'll end up in the same track in the resulting file. There's not really a good/easy way to get around this without a lot of manual work.
  14. That makes sense. It's probably some type of generic read error. I think what I need to try and do with CUETools is just force it to retry at least a couple times in situations like this.
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