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  1. Hehehe, thank you @quantock; all great to hear. All noted as well. We did just add metadata editing, so we're close to having those mp3tag features integrated, though we still need the ability to change the images in the tags. Most of the things you mentioned were already planned, and I've noted the new requests.
  2. I see; that makes sense. I would set the latency to whatever works on your system without stuttering. The only disadvantage of longer latency is that it takes a tiny bit longer to start or stop tracks, so higher latencies are not much of an issue. You can also try the other various playback engines. I prefer DirectSound though, personally.
  3. I would need more details here. What is the log of the rip? If the rip is saying that it's accurate, then it's guaranteed to not have any errors as it's comparing with other rips from the web.
  4. Sorry for the late reply here. It is constantly searching, yes, but depending on the view it might not automatically update. I think, generally, if you give it a few seconds and then go out to the route of your collection, it should be there. You can always restart though, which should guarantee that it shows up after the initial scan.
  5. Yeah, there are still some parsing issues when it comes to certain artists and downloading images, and sometimes if there are multiple artists that exist with the same name, it doesn't always grab the right images, or sometimes no images if there are no images for that artist. Image tag editing isn't there quite yet, no. Per now playing, it will clear out if you just play something else without adding it to the list.
  6. Lol. Not quite sure what you mean here. We don't have playlist support quite yet.
  7. Hehehehe. There is a known bug where if there are multiple bands with the same name, or similar names, every once in a while it has trouble choosing the right one. I will definitely be back to that soon.
  8. Wow, that is quite a strange issue. I guess we need to figure out what on earth could be triggering playback. Is it basically just resuming playback, or is it specifically moving to the next track? I've tested with my monitor to no effect, but I guess that's no surprise. There must be something out of the ordinary that the projector is triggering somehow, but I don't have any immediate ideas...
  9. Thank you @Daryn; sorry for the late reply. I will dive into these errors soon.
  10. That would indeed be amazing, but we'd need a source for all that stuff. Unfortunately I'm not aware of any place to download booklets and such.
  11. Music Box Alpha 0.18 is released today with the following: New Feature: Metadata editing is now available! Simply select and right-click on the songs you want to edit, and select Metadata > Edit. New Feature: You can now manually refresh song metadata by right-clicking on artists, albums, genres, or songs and selecting Metadata > Refresh New Feature: You can now play all of an artist, album, or genre's songs by right-clicking on the artist, album, or genre and selecting Play All New Feature: You can now append songs to the end of the playback queue by right-clicking on an artist, album, genre, or song and selecting Add to Now Playing New Feature: You can now open the music folder for an artist, album, genre, or song by right-clicking on it and selecting File > Open Folder Improvement: While playback is loading, the progress slider now shows a loading animation Fixed: Song metadata was not updating properly on startup in some cases Looks like I missed putting an article here for 0.17, but that was of course CD ripping functionality. This one took quite a while because tag editing is no simple feat, but with tag editing finally added, we can now focus on cool stuff like playlists (and other smaller quality of life things).
  12. Thank you @Strigoi! I do have a new version in the works that I keep trying to wrap up, so it should be out here soon. It has tag editing so it's a complicated release.
  13. Thank you guys; hopefully eventually we can add proper audiobook support. It's probably a fair ways out though, as there's a bunch of things I'd like to add for music first.
  14. Hi Astrysa, unfortunately this means that those songs don't have titles in the file tags (which basically means that no one put the song names on the files when ripping them). I have a version coming out shortly that will let you modify the file tags, which should help.
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