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  1. @1stResponder I believe the solution is to just add a music folder before ripping a CD. I thought I had fixed this, but maybe not.
  2. Are you ripping music? Or just trying to fix bad metadata in your existing collection?
  3. Hi Cheetos, MBA does use fanart.tv to retrieve images, and can retrieve song info as well via CueRipper when ripping. But currently there's no way to scan already-ripped music and pull down metadata automatically.
  4. Okay, I'll take note of that and do some testing. I'll consider adding a refresh option as well. Thanks, Cloud.
  5. Thank you Cloud. Music should be showing up automatically if you add it, but if it's not, going back out to the root of your collection should show it there. Let me know if that's not working.
  6. Jason Carr


    Thank you @scabab1359. I actually have a new version in the works, and the one thing left to add before I release it is shuffle. So that is coming very soon.
  7. Yeah, agreed. I definitely need to improve keyboard navigation.
  8. Thanks Yondax, good to know. I believe that's the first request I've had for gamepad support, so I probably won't be able to prioritize it for the moment, but I'll keep that in mind going forward.
  9. Jason Carr


    Gotcha; I added that right-click menu after I had tested touchscreen support. I'll add that to my list.
  10. Sorry for the delay on this @A-Noid. The easiest way to handle this would be to modify the album names of the two albums to include the edition information (snapper edition vs. US edition). You should be able to do this either in MBA or in Mp3tag.
  11. Hi bandthingy, I'm sorry you were surprised that you were charged a US dollar amount. To be honest, we've been selling LaunchBox Premium and now Music Box Alpha for more than a few years and it's never come up as an issue, and I'll admit I've never even thought about it. You do make a good point though. If you'd like a refund, just let me know.
  12. Hmm, it sounds like maybe MBA isn't properly updating the file tags for those songs, if they're reverting. What happens if you open up the files in Mp3tag? Do they have the proper album names?
  13. Jason Carr

    Alexa Skill

    Thank you KJD; that is good to know. I haven't done any research to determine how feasible that is, but I'll put that on my long-term list.
  14. Hehehe, thank you @quantock; all great to hear. All noted as well. We did just add metadata editing, so we're close to having those mp3tag features integrated, though we still need the ability to change the images in the tags. Most of the things you mentioned were already planned, and I've noted the new requests.
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