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    Hi Cheetos, MBA does use fanart.tv to retrieve images, and can retrieve song info as well via CueRipper when ripping. But currently there's no way to scan already-ripped music and pull down metadata automatically.
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    I agree 😄 I hope F5 works as a hotkey to refresh metadata and Images
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    Ah, I guess that's why I never noticed it. As soon as I add an album to MBA I edit the mp3 tags because for a lot of the stuff I ripped myself I never added things like the "album artist", "year", "track number" etc. If I add more than one of these types of albums at a time it's a mission to tag them properly and sort everything again in MBA. Having the option to instantly refresh will make this task a whole lot easier.
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    From what I've noticed it seems like MBA would at some point detect it and add it to the view but this usually takes a while.. it's quicker to close the application and reopen it.
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    Thank you, that would be very much appreciated!
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    Version 1.0.0


    Since it is Christmas & a time for giving here is a selection of artwork made by yours truly for the community. hope you enjoy.
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