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    Hi Jason, I have been really enjoying MBA and bought a license as I began to approach the 1000 song limit 🙂 Thanks for being so responsive via the forums... I also feel like some of my suggestions from this thread potentially inspired some of the features included in the last release.. namely the right click go to folder option and the bar loading animation which is a nice touch and good solution to the semi-awkward loading periods i mentioned in my OP. I was def happy to see these features included! After some more time with the program I have come up with another list of ideas I'd like to share with you. Before doing that though I want to respond to some of the other posters as well as you: It seems like Discogs has a lot of additional artwork and scans for many of the albums in its database. That could be a good place to start. Also just including support for us to manually put the files in a directory (and each album would have its own directory with the name of the album?) and pull them by filename or something would be nice as well. I'm sure the way you have it working in Launchbox could be well adapted. I really like the idea of using a collage and/or slide show of album art in place of artists who don't have pictures. This could also be a cool option even for artists you DO have pictures for. You could choose in settings to show Artist picture in background, or a collage or slide show of album art, or have it randomly pick each time you click a new artist, or cycle through them... also having support for multiple artist pictures so you can have a slide show or have it pick a random one for background would be nice. Having support for musicbrainz would be nice.. I use MBA in tandem with mp3tag which seems to work well. I read somewhere else you thought about including mp3tag functionality which surely would be nice.. i don't mind using it separately though . It works well with being able to easily open the location of songs/albums now, and doing quick metadata touch up via MBA is working well after the latest release. Again I have no problem doing bulk metadata fixing up via mp3tag. I already mentioned this in my OP and have seen some other posters mention it elsewhere on the forum but I would like to reiterate how absolutely AWESOME it would be if Albums would list in order of release date rather than alphabetical . I don't imagine this would be very hard to implement and it would be great to see ASAP imo. I'm not sure how you plan to implement this if you've thought about it already.. in the right click menu having "Organize by: > Alphabetical / Year (Release Date)" Or have a Toggle switch / drop down (if more than 2 ways of organizing are included) up at the top of the UI or something? Anyways here is my 2nd batch of fresh ideas.. A lot of times when I click an album that is currently on the bottom row... it seems like nothing happens. so without thinking I click it again thinking my click "didn't register".. it usually takes me 3-5 seconds of staring at my screen to notice oh.. the album opened up below what is currently visible, so i have to scroll down to see the track listing... would it be possible to auto scroll the screen down to accomodate the tracklist that just spawned so it is in focus and totally visible? Pressing F5 to trigger a metadata and/or image refresh on the currently selected item would be fantastic 😄 I'm sure you are planning on this but being able to interact with the Now Playing queue would obviously be great.. being able to insert tracks into an active queue (drag and drop and/or right click item and select (add to Now playing queue)) / being able to reorder songs in queue (drag and drop and/or right click move up move down move to top move to bottom etc.)/ being able to remove songs from queue (right click, remove from now playing) would all be great to see sooner than later 😄 For mice that have forward/back buttons, supporting these would be great for navigating the interface! Being able to control the Psychedelic color changing setting would be cool. For starters, changing the speed the colors cycle would be nice. Also being able to choose your color gradient (instead of full rainbow, just orange and blue, or yellow green and red, etc. maybe up to 2 3 or 4 colors,) to go even further - for reference look at RGB case lighting or keyboards with rgb lighting software and what they offer - various settings such as color wave, color strobe, sync color to sound volume etc. etc. Obviously not essential but would def be fun & cool and give your application further unique appeal 🙂 I think these would all make nice additions to the experience.. hopefully some (or all 🤞) sound worthwhile & enticing to you as well Thanks again for both LB & MBA... it's almost as much (or even more!) fun playing with these apps than the games & music themselves lol
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    While putting in custom Artist pictures I found that Guns N' Roses would not work with "Guns N' Roses.jpg" It seems to be the ' causing it
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    Hi Jason, On the topic of images: I just imported my collection on MBA 0.18, All my albums grabbed the embedded artwork from my mp3s and look great! I found a couple album arts that didn't work - it was because inside the mp3 the album art was set to "Other" instead of "Front Cover". I used mp3tag to change them all to Front Cover and they import properly now! I don't think you have image editing in the built in tag editor yet but I do love what is there so far, it works great and can make things easier! A lot of artist images are blank. Some pretty well known bands too like ACDC, Disturbed, Guns N' Roses, Nirvana, Tool etc. Its not a big deal though it looks like I can just download my own and put them in the \MusicBoxAlpha\Images\Artists folder Anyway thanks again for your work on MBA it keeps getting better and I look forward to Playlists in the future btw is there an option to clear the now playing list? Only way I saw was to exit program
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    Along these lines for touchscreen jukebox.... Since most arcade cabinets or jukebox style standalone projects aren't necessarily near a cabled reciever, the ability to stream to a Chromecast/airplay/etc capable device/reciever would really ice the cake. Thanks, Burritodamus
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    Thank you @Daryn; sorry for the late reply. I will dive into these errors soon.
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    Music Box Alpha 0.18 is released today with the following: New Feature: Metadata editing is now available! Simply select and right-click on the songs you want to edit, and select Metadata > Edit. New Feature: You can now manually refresh song metadata by right-clicking on artists, albums, genres, or songs and selecting Metadata > Refresh New Feature: You can now play all of an artist, album, or genre's songs by right-clicking on the artist, album, or genre and selecting Play All New Feature: You can now append songs to the end of the playback queue by right-clicking on an artist, album, genre, or song and selecting Add to Now Playing New Feature: You can now open the music folder for an artist, album, genre, or song by right-clicking on it and selecting File > Open Folder Improvement: While playback is loading, the progress slider now shows a loading animation Fixed: Song metadata was not updating properly on startup in some cases Looks like I missed putting an article here for 0.17, but that was of course CD ripping functionality. This one took quite a while because tag editing is no simple feat, but with tag editing finally added, we can now focus on cool stuff like playlists (and other smaller quality of life things).
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    Thanks Jason! Super excited for this!
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    Some Ideas that I think could help. Treat artist art like collections. If a picture is not available for an artist use a collage of the album art. this would be especially nice for the various artist folder. Add metadata tags for musicbrainz or other databases. This would help with finding artwork and identifying tracks and keeping albums with the same name separate like Weezer's blue green and red albums These are just a few ideas that I think help with the overall experience. Thanks
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    If you add a mobile app, then i would also surgest a CD single track rip option or a export to mobile option. This is importent as mobile storage is often limeted when compaired to PC storage. Like most people my phone is more of a best of rather than a full copy of my music collection
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