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    FYI - Music Box Alpha crashed on me after ripping my first CD. I suspect that it was because I had not created / set a music folder. After adding the music folder and reripping the CD, it worked. Running Demo Version 0.17 1. Installed Music Box Alpha 2. Inserted a CD 3. Started RIp 4. Rip at 99% 5. Software went *Poof* A-Noid
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    Yeah, Exact Audio Copy is really the only other product (other than CUETools) that provides accurate rips. It's been a while since I've used it; the only problem with it is less support for proper FLAC CD images (though they may have added better support for that recently). Regardless, I haven't attempted it yet but I still think I can make some headway on that issue with CUETools.
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    I manage to find another disk drive, made by Sony. Popped it in my PC and CD ripping now works fine
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    Awesome Jason, looking forward to future updates. Tried a load of media players but they always look and feel clunky! This and LB are spot on.
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    Not sure if it supports AccurateRip. I'll be testing Music Box Alpha and watching how it progresses. If LaunchBox/BigBox is any indication, I'm sure MusicBoxAlpha will turn out great! Thanks for all the hard work in your products and listening to your community.
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    Okay, thanks. That makes sense. I'll see what I can do; much appreciated.
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    Glad you have a drive that works @xman. I don't know much about FreeRip Basic, but in my opinion unless it supports AccurateRip, it's honestly not worth using. So even if CueTools has issues with some drives, I'd say it's still worth it due to the features. I still plan to look to see if I can improve it though.
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    Hey guys. I'm really glad to see this software coming along. Foobar has plugins available for it which plays the ROM music files (.NSF, .SPC, .HES, .GBS, .GSF, .VGM, etc). If you can implement this into Music Box Alpha that would be amazing, and would just add to your user base.
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    Musicbox does not touch your folder structure, you just point it at your music folder and it catalogues what you have. Any artist images it downloads is kept in the musicbox folder structure, album covers are not downloaded but are pulled from your existing artwork.
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    Thanks, Kobarn. That has come up before, and I am considering it.
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    In my opinion what makes LaunchBox great, aside for the fact that it looks good, is how easy it makes to customize and set the library to your taste, which is hell in other frontends. Kodi has the same problem, it automates too much, and sometimes I just want to CTRL+E and edit some stuff to my liking. I already use LaunchBox for movies with the movie scrapper add-on, it's much better than Kodi to customize info and art, but because it's not native it doesn't work as proper as it should.
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    I second that, and if it's possible, make it integrated with LaunchBox/BigBox, that's what I'm looking for AIO entertainment haven.
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    It seems to have no limit if you own a forever license like I do, I bought it for half price, and I have thousands of songs, and I will have it unlimited forever!! Same with Big box I have that unlimited forever too!!
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    Yeah, I'm with you on that. Most definitely. I wanted to murder iTunes for that several times way back.
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    The program is going to have a toggle to prefer file metadata over scraper metadata, right? The last thing I want is a scraper "fixing" my meticulous metadata tags.
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    maybe the song limit can change if a Theater mode (Music big box ) was implemented or restrict features such as music analysis and tagging being limited like plex i know LB started off as a front end for just DOSBOX but that changed perhaps Music box could change also in the future into something like MediaBox - which can do movies and TV also , like an all in one media platform something like kodi but with this awesome music interface that music box already has Launchbox - All in one Games platform Mediabox - All in one Media Platform that would be Amazing and would allow more feature restrictions for free users like plex currently does with plex premium really excited for the future of this application