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  2. Hi cringe, sorry for the late reply. The image files are located here: MusicBoxAlpha\Images\Artists And the cache is located here: MusicBoxAlpha\Images\Artists\Cache The only thing I can figure is that maybe there's an invalid file in there somewhere, or somehow MBA is not able to write to the cache folder. Can you look at those folders to see what might be happening there?
  3. No, development has not stopped. Due to the fewer number of users, we unfortunately can't devote as much time to it as LaunchBox, but it is still in development. I use it as my own personal music player app, so it's not going to fall by the wayside. However, if you're not happy with the speed of development, and would rather just have a refund, feel free to email us at support@unbrokensoftware.com and we can refund you.
  4. Caps are out of order. The 3rd one shows the preview image not displaying
  5. After a wonderful initial set up where I was able to manually add artists images and have them show in the main menu, they are no longer displaying when I update with new artists. They do appear when I click on said artist in the background. This is for newer additions after the initial set up. I have tried everything including browse for image, refresh, etc. Same steps that previously worked. Attached are caps to further explain what I am talking about. Any help would be great!
  6. So I see the last update was in the middle of this year it being December now has all development on this stopped? would really suck to have bought a dead app that hardly has any features
  7. Thanks @oicangi1979, noted. We currently have a lot of other things to tackle, but we'll consider it for the future.
  8. Hello, A few years back I brought up this option for MBA. Like how with iTunes you can drag and drop the album you want to upload to MBA and not having to selection a folder to upload. I have my music in Alphabetical order and there are some albums I don't want to upload. I would switch from iTunes to MBA if Drag and Drop was added. Thanks
  9. Sorry, I haven't been back to MBA recently; been too busy with LaunchBox as of late. I plan to get back to it very soon though.
  10. Thank you very much for the purchase and support @glaymore! I do agree that we need an option to sort albums chronologically. I already have it on my list, so hopefully I can get to it soon.
  11. Hi Benji, unfortunately the ripping tool, CUE Ripper, isn't perfect. Every once in a while I do find a CD that it has trouble ripping, for whatever reason. I have found that sometimes using a different CD drive makes a difference in that case. Sorry for the trouble; I don't have a solution for that issue for the moment.
  12. Hi @greengeek, we use fanart.tv. I do know that some of the searching algorithms can be improved, however. That's actually one of the items on the top of my list.
  13. Just purchased Music Box Alpha Forever and started playing around with it. I am curious where the software is pulling the artist artwork from. What sources is it using? I pointed it to a small group of music to test it out with, using some of the more popular top 100 / pop style music. I noticed it didn't populate some of these artists. For example, out of the first 10 artists 2 didn't pull, being Train and "Weird Al" Yankovic. Maybe multiple artists with the same name on the first and the quotes on the second or something?
  14. Hi! Just purchased a license for MusixBox and it's incredibly good. However... 🙂 Could we please have an option to sort a performer's albums in chronological order, instead of alphabetical? Sounds more logical to me. Hope it's not too difficult to implement. P.S. Love your LaunchBox immensely! Incredibly useful piece of software.
  15. Thanks for the reply @Jason Carr. Glad to hear that development is proceeding. Loving my Launchbox/BigBox (coming from Hyperspin) so really looking forward to seeing what this can become!
  16. Hi @JohnC, I have been wrapped up in LaunchBox development since June. MBA has always unfortunately played a back seat to LaunchBox development, but no, it is definitely not dead. I use it for my own personal music collection, so it won't be falling by the wayside. I do still want to get videos in there soon as well. Sorry for the delays.
  17. There is a CD I was trying to rip and it has an unexpected error when ripping and doesn't rip the CD.
  18. I was really hoping to see this progress where music videos were supported but it looks like there is little going on. Is this version as complete as it is going to get or are there plans to continue to add features?
  19. Flippin heck, Garbage and Type O Negative Haven't heard them since I was a teen
  20. Looks a little something like this. Current listening to's are mainly Tesla, specifically the album Bust a Nut
  21. This is on my radar as well. In the mean time, it's worth noting that if you use FLAC files with embedded cues (the format that MBA rips to), the songs will play seamlessly one after another, because that's how they're encoded. But I know that re-encoding files isn't always an option. Now playing is working at intended, but I do see your point. It's meant to be a queue of what's coming up in the list.
  22. Thank you guys; sorry for the way late reply here. I've noted all the requests.
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