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  2. I think if you come from decades of listening to music on albums, it's hard to break that habit, and you gravitate towards that kind of organization. If you take that history away, I can see where an "album" could be more of a label you assign to a song, and you could label a song with multiple "albums", sort of like you are doing with playlists.
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  4. Just wanted to put this out there and see what people are thinking. For music storage do we still need albums in 2021? Now I get it, artists absolutely do. I'm not talking from a music creation standpoint. If their vision is x number of tracks played 1 after the other in a certain order then more power to them. For a lot of artists though I will grab only a handfull of tracks, so it seems silly to have an album sub-folder and list it in my music manager. I have been experimenting and taking my music out of album sub-folders and just concentrating on a master list of tracks per artist I collect. In the few instances where I do listen to an album on it's own, I create a playlist. It has so far solved a few OCD issues for me. Region differences Do you collect all versions Do you just have a few subfolders containing the differentiated tracks Do you collate into a master version of the album Re-releases Same deal as above? How do you deal with re-releases containing new\bonus tracks? Soundtracks\Various Artists I've never liked having a 'various artists' folder in my music collection. Don't need that anymore The only issue I have hit so far is with game soundtracks where an artists will do variations of the same title many times over a franchise but my naming convention fixed that for me Prelude [Final Fantasy 7] Prelude [Final Fantasy 8] etc... Ultimately I've ended up with a cleaner folder structure and less duplication. Seems to be going OK for now. Does anyone else have these frustrations or am I a crazy person?
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  6. Thanks, I went and upgraded to the forever updates license to ensure I don't miss out on any features again.
  7. Unfortunately not yet @Cloud. Hopefully soon.
  8. Hey Jason, My memory isn't that long. It has probably been 15 to 20 years since I have had these files. I'm letting this one go and chalking this up as some sort of file corruption. These files have been sitting on my Google Drive for a very long time. I have imported them into MusicBee for further testing and have a similar problem. I can play them directly from the file manager or from VLC just fine. I have around 6000 other tracks imported since I first reported this and have not run into anything else similar.
  9. Has this feature been added yet? I need to upgrade my license to get music video support, but this is kind of important to me too, so I might have to hold off until it's added.
  10. Sorry for the late reply here. Where did you get this FLAC file? Did you rip it yourself? If so, what tool did you use to rip it?
  11. I just bought a lifetime license and am slowly adding my library as I fix various tag issues. I have run into a few issues that I'll log as I gather more information, but this one is weird. Boards of Canada - Boc Maxima As you can see in the image, some of the tracks are duplicated, however not exactly duplicated. Red Moss for example is listed as track one at 5 seconds, but should be Track 12. It is also listed as track 2. If you add 6:16 and 0:05 together, you get the correct length. Playing either plays just the listed time. Everything You Do is a Balloon is the same issue. I have opened this album in other music apps and those work fine. MP3Tag looks correct. Maybe the XML will help? MBA lists this album as 22 songs when it should be 20. If I remove the one folder, all 22 vanish. I tested that just to make sure I didn't have another folder with the same tracks in it somewhere.
  12. boon

    How About ?

    I think Audius would be possible to integrate? https://audius.org/api/
  13. Well I wish I could delete the message since I fixed it relatively easy. Turns out I was having a weird sound drive issue anyways. Uninstalled and reinstalled drivers and the issue was solved.
  14. Hey gang, Long time BigBox user, got Music Box in 2019 but just upgraded to lifetime license. I had this crashing issue before but I assumed it it had to do with my expired license and other random things. I've attached some logs because I'm unsure what to even do since there are no options. Debug 2021-08-14 03-48-16 PM.log Debug 2021-08-14 03-48-50 PM.log Debug 2021-08-14 03-49-56 PM.log Debug 2021-08-14 04-05-50 PM.log
  15. Thanks for the suggestion @HawkBlade. I don't believe that idea has come up before.
  16. I did add this via the header request link as well as requested. Would like a “Party Mode” for MBA. Say a timer (maybe even user able to change time on) or such that would kick off a Music Video, random music track or something if nothing is in queue. My apologies if it is already in there, I did not find it. Thanks.
  17. Thanks @Matthew for your suggestion. LastFM integration sounds like it could be a cool feature.
  18. I Would like lastFM support.
  19. Hi @NooNaN, There is definitely room for improvement with the scraping of artist images from fanart.tv. I do see the same thing you are seeing with an artist like Adele. I know this is known and it's on the list for improvement in a future build. At the moment, you do have the option of adding your own artist images.
  20. Guys, This is an existing issue in a prior thread that has not been resolved. Many artist images are not downloading at all. They are not name mismatches; they are simple artist names like Beck, Adele, Fun, etc. that are not pulling any images down. I've deleted the artist and cache folder and relaunch the app. It redownloads only the same ones as before, leaving out many. I'd say it's missing about 40% of my collection. For the amount of time this app has been in development, this shouldn't be a current issue. I'm open that it may be something in my setup, but it is downloading most correctly and has access to the folders, so that rules most things on my end out. My metadata is up to date and my naming conventions are consistent. Please help. Thanks, Anthony
  21. This is still an issue for me. Just moved the install to a new computer and MBA isn't picking up the most simple, popular artist names for an image. It's been quite a while without a follow-up on this thread...has there been progress or a a solution?
  22. Thank you for the replies and suggestions. It's not a huge deal and I understand it is no fault of Musicbox.
  23. @nbasda999 Good to know, thanks. I'll add those to the list.
  24. Oh, the proper way to handle compilation albums is to put "Various Artists" into the Album Artist tag for every song on compilation albums.
  25. Usually this is because the compilation albums are missing an Album Artist tag, which is the proper/industry-standard way to identify albums with multiple artists. Apologies for the extra work, but there isn't really any better way to handle compilation albums.
  26. Hmmmm, that would be quite a bit of work as I have quite a few compilation type albums where this seems to happen most frequently. I'll have to do some file housekeeping and keep the compilations out of my Musicbox library, I guess.
  27. Hi @dmaker, usually this is because the song metadata is incorrect in the music file tags. It can be fixed by editing the songs and putting them into the same album and artist. Let me know if that helps.
  28. Thanks @mobarton. At some point we do plan to add a more Big Box-style interface to MBA. I don't think the issue of controller support has come up yet, actually, outside of discussion surrounding that kind of interface. But noted.
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