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  3. Hey all, version 0.25 is out now with the following: Improvement: The included version of CUETools was updated to version 2.1.8, which should help fix a number of issues with CD ripping Improvement: Album song lists can now be collapsed as well (instead of just expanded) by clicking on the album a second time Improvement: The album song lists were cutting off artist and track names if the width of the window was too small; we now hide the album image and resize the columns to ensure that artist and track names are not cut off Improvement: B
  4. Tried this and it fixed the problem! after doing some testing, it only seems to happen in maximized screen size (or large windows that are almost at maximized size) it doesn't occur at all in smaller window sizes. (I have a screen resolution of 1920x1080 if that's any help) I did find that file when making the original post, but didn't see any crash information in it. yes. normally, the taskbar should appear when moving the cursor nearby, but it won't work when musicbox is in maximized mode. Excellent! I look forward to seeing the improved version. Thank you fo
  5. I've fixed this for the next version, which should be out shortly. All I can figure is that this must be an issue with the way we're reading the file tags, or with the library that we're using to read them. I'll dive in deeper to this yet, but I'm not immediately finding a solution. There is a file called Log.txt in the MusicBoxAlpha\Data folder. It could certainly use more information in it, but if you do run into further issues, it might help to send it our way. It would probably be best to do it in a PM though for privacy reasons. Usually this can be fixed by changin
  6. @daitallica Fixed this potential issue for the next version, which should be out shortly.
  7. @nbasda999 I have a new version coming out shortly that will allow you to collapse albums.
  8. Hi all, I've fixed this for the next version, which should be out shortly.
  9. Interesting, thanks guys. I'll look to see if I can find anything to fix that.
  10. No problem @BrewHo, best of luck with it.
  11. I figured this might be the case. Thanks @irishshogun. I will give that a shot.
  12. Hi, I'd the same issue, I had to uninstall, then go to the install directory and manually delete the files remaining there and reinstall. Once reinstalled I added around a hundred video files at a time and it seems ok now. I think it crashes if there is too much to process at one time.
  13. Good day all. I have the premium version with a LOT of videos (4K or so). I can't get it to open. When I try to run it, it never actually opens. Hourglass for a second or 2, then nothing. And it isn't in TaskManager... Log: 4/2/2021 12:06:00 PM Music Box Alpha 0.24 is starting up. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4/4/2021 12:43:38 PM Music Box Alpha 0.24 is starting up. I uninstalled everything previously, installed again... and it worked the first time. Close and try to reopen and back to same scenario. Any thoughts o
  14. Earlier
  15. Hi @nbasda999, thanks for the reports. I don't think there's currently a way to stop showing the tracks once you've selected an album, but I do have that on my to-do list to enable closing the albums. I haven't seen that scroll bar issue, but I'll see if I can replicate it.
  16. So this has been the same issue with previous versions? I see it's been a year since we last talked. Can you try changing the audio playback engine under Options > Playback?
  17. hi, Going to album view , music box alpha lists all my albums, clicking an album lists the tracks below. Is there a way to remove the track-list to go back to just show the albums ? Also, clicking on the scroll bar doesn't always work. i have to move the mouse cursor slightly for it to grab hold and let me scroll up or down.
  18. I can open music box just fine, i can rip cd's, i can add art work. as soon as i try to play ANY song from ANY means of playing a song , music box just exits to the desktop. EVERYTIME. Current build as of march 29 2021, windows 10, i5 9400, 32 gigs ram, rtx 2060.
  19. @Malcolm You can try playing with the Playback Settings. Try changing the Engine to a different playback engine, or increasing (or decreasing) the latency value.
  20. I am having trouble with playback. At times the music skips and at others it repeats itself. This doesn't appear to be a problem with the file as I can play it later, and it has no problem. What might be going on?
  21. Thank you @Hgarr. I'll look into these issues.
  22. Hi, So after the recent update, I have noticed some new bugs. First up: selecting 'Edit Metadata' makes the window pop up so small that its just a rectangle. luckily, all that is needed to fix is to resize the window. The entire program used to do this for me upon opening it, but seems to have fixed itself. seen in the attached 1.jpg. Secondly, some Japanese appears to be broken, and displayed as random letters and punctuation. Attached images 2 & 3 show this off, with the properly displayed characters in windows explorer. note that this doesn't apply to all albums, most display
  23. Hi , I have the premium version, It seems ok now, I haven't added music videos again in case that was the issue.
  24. Thank you @Bashyman, sorry for the late response. This is definitely planned.
  25. For clarity, this issue was resolved here:
  26. Glad you got it installed, though I don't really understand why it wasn't working before, unfortunately. If you're using the free version, there is a song limit, yes. But there's no limit on the premium version. It should work well with any amount of music and videos. Let me know if you see any further issues.
  27. Ok, I went into install folders and removed the files remaining after an uninstall and then reinstalled, now it loads. Is there a file limit on the amount of music files, ( 435GB, about about 1100 albums,) I'll leave out the video files this time see what happens.
  28. Tried admin mode and turned off antivirus, still no joy.
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