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  2. I think these are more meant for your desktop than something to be used inside of MBA. I don't think you can currently use them in MBA.
  3. Jason Carr


    There are plenty of ways to convert your ripped music to MP3s, but unfortunately MBA doesn't currently do this automatically for you. I would probably use foobar2000 to do the conversion.
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  5. Shawn73


    Is there a way to convert my music file from Music box to separate mp3 songs for an external hardrive?
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  7. Thanks for clarification 🙂
  8. Correct, unless you tell it to. It will change metadata and such if you tell it to, but not on its own.
  9. i'm sorry to repeat question but just to clarify, i have all my cds saved as flac on a hard drive, reading above am i correct in MBA will not change or add anything to my existing collection (it took a long time to do) it will only point to them?
  10. Sorry for the late reply. That's definitely a nice-to-have, but would also be significant work. Noted though.
  11. Alternatively, how about having multiple versions of the same song stored under one entry, with one being the "listening" version, and the other an "archival" version. Something like ROM clones? I have copies of many of my favorite songs loudness-normalized, and stored in separate locations. I don't know if this is already possible, I haven't checked out the app that closely yet.
  12. Eeeeexcellent. Saves importing into cubase and trying to get everything to line up or paying for more software.
  13. Thanks @daitallica. That should be easy enough, so I'll add it to the short list.
  14. Good to know @daitallica. We have a lot of things on the list yet, but I agree that it would be good to have (I happen to be a guitarist as well).
  15. I know Music Box isn't a learning tool, but I would love to be able to change playback speed. 75/50/25% Makes working out tasty licks so much easier. This combined with space bar pause/play and also a loop a/b would be a guitarists wet dream!
  16. For me I would love to have space bar to pause and play songs I play guitar and being able to quickly mash space bar at a tricky point is invaluable
  17. Thanks @Neocrius. That's probably a ways off if I'm honest, but I will add it to the list.
  18. I'm a huge Launch Box/Big Box fan, and I'm really looking forward to this app, provided it adds a couple of features I consider essential. One is ASIO support, which was already suggested in another topic, but what I'd really like to see implemented is loudness normalization based on the EBU R128 / LUFS standard. In case you don't know what that is, I don't blame you. Here's a primer, but basically it's what Spotify, YouTube, and other major providers use to normalize audio loudness. I'd like to set a target LUFS level, say -15 for general listening or -17 for jazz/classical, and have Music Box apply the necessary volume correction to each song. Ideally, MB would implement some kind of a compressor or peak limiter to be used when a volume boost is required for quiet tracks, but I would be happy even with a simple implementation, where MB would boost only up to the loudest peak to avoid clipping. I know that this is kind of an advanced topic, but for me personally it would be the reason to pay for MB, and I'm sure I'm not alone.
  19. Are they FLAC files? If MBA is having trouble changing the artist names on them, you could try using Mp3tag to do the same. That's probably the best workaround for now.
  20. So when i type in AC/DC all my album art appears,but dissapears after restart as it reverts back to AC;DC. Is there a workaround to this,is there a folder somewhere that stores text data that might ovewright the metadata change? Its the only Artist so far that this does this to
  21. Its not 1 song its full albums. So i have downloaded a full NEW discography torrent all the albums appear under AC;DC,when i change the metadata (AC;DC to AC/DC) it works until i restart Musicbox,then it goes back to AC;DC.
  22. Per #1, there could be some kind of saving issue in writing the file tags there. Can you narrow it down to one song file that is causing an issue so that I can test with it? #2 I wasn't aware of, but I'll look into. Once the volume control is selected you can change it with the arrow keys, but that might not be very useful if all you have is the touch screen. #3 Songs will be added to favorites when you rate them 5 stars. #4 I do plan to add a visualizer eventually, yes. YouTube quick launch is a good idea as well.
  23. Good to know, thank you!
  24. Hi Bonoscot, sorry to hear. Can you PM me your MusicBoxAlpha\Data\Log.txt file? That should help us troubleshoot.
  25. Hi mibro, feel free to report any bugs here. I see everything on these forums so this should work fine.
  26. I am just wondering where is the best location to bug report? I see there is a bitbucket, but there does not seem to be much activity there. I also see there are threads in the forum for beta testing. What is the most efficient for the developers for tracking?
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