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  2. Hi @NooNaN, There is definitely room for improvement with the scraping of artist images from fanart.tv. I do see the same thing you are seeing with an artist like Adele. I know this is known and it's on the list for improvement in a future build. At the moment, you do have the option of adding your own artist images.
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  4. Guys, This is an existing issue in a prior thread that has not been resolved. Many artist images are not downloading at all. They are not name mismatches; they are simple artist names like Beck, Adele, Fun, etc. that are not pulling any images down. I've deleted the artist and cache folder and relaunch the app. It redownloads only the same ones as before, leaving out many. I'd say it's missing about 40% of my collection. For the amount of time this app has been in development, this shouldn't be a current issue. I'm open that it may be something in my setup, but it is downloading most
  5. This is still an issue for me. Just moved the install to a new computer and MBA isn't picking up the most simple, popular artist names for an image. It's been quite a while without a follow-up on this thread...has there been progress or a a solution?
  6. Thank you for the replies and suggestions. It's not a huge deal and I understand it is no fault of Musicbox.
  7. @nbasda999 Good to know, thanks. I'll add those to the list.
  8. Oh, the proper way to handle compilation albums is to put "Various Artists" into the Album Artist tag for every song on compilation albums.
  9. Usually this is because the compilation albums are missing an Album Artist tag, which is the proper/industry-standard way to identify albums with multiple artists. Apologies for the extra work, but there isn't really any better way to handle compilation albums.
  10. Hmmmm, that would be quite a bit of work as I have quite a few compilation type albums where this seems to happen most frequently. I'll have to do some file housekeeping and keep the compilations out of my Musicbox library, I guess.
  11. Hi @dmaker, usually this is because the song metadata is incorrect in the music file tags. It can be fixed by editing the songs and putting them into the same album and artist. Let me know if that helps.
  12. Thanks @mobarton. At some point we do plan to add a more Big Box-style interface to MBA. I don't think the issue of controller support has come up yet, actually, outside of discussion surrounding that kind of interface. But noted.
  13. Very new to Musicbox, so please forgive me if this is a stupid question. In Collections, Albums, each song from an album is listed. Can I not have albums listed that I would then click into to get a song list? Thank you.
  14. I was surprised when I downloaded it this does not work with controller navigation or remote controls. I had planned to purchase this to work with my BigBox installation, but it doesn't work well for that or I totally missed some settings. Plex or Kodi do but don't align as well for consistency. To me this is a big gap given the likely audience... If you do integrate, don't forget LEDBlinky messaging.
  15. Hi, yes got the new version, much nicer to be able to collapse the albums. It would be handy to be able to have music box start up in a different view instead of artists. For example i always have mine on album view. Also regarding the scroll bar issue.. when my mouse cursor is over the last few pixels before the edge of the screen it stops registering that it is on the scroll bar. Its in full screen. When in windowed mode the mouse cursor changes to the window sizing cursor near to the edge, so this whole issue is probably due to the position of the scroll bar. Its no
  16. No change in playback engine remedied the issue.
  17. Hey there! It is my situation that the play button at the top will play tracks, however, double clicking tracks and selecting play from the context menu will crash the program. Attached is my log file. Log.txt
  18. Hey brother, I wanted to give it a few days and start-ups... Musicbox appears to be working OK at this point. It takes about 7 seconds to load, compared to Foobar @ ~2 seconds. But I'm sure that will change as you develop it... Thanks for the fix!
  19. Thanks much; I suspect that the thumbnail image issues may be because of using Total Commander instead of Windows Explorer. We need to replace that code at some point anyways in order to get better thumbnail support.
  20. Log attached. About the thumbnails: I'm on Windows, but never use Explorer, I have Total Commander as default file manager, so no thumbs are ever created when I browse files. As far as I can see, MediaMonkey creates sidecar thumbs with same filename. EDIT No, wrong, EMBY server did that, I forgot that I also use EMBY, lol, too many media managers! Debug 2021-04-27 08-31-10 PM.log
  21. Okay, it looks like it's having trouble parsing some of the videos, which is probably why the errors were happening to begin with. If you can share the log files, that would help to see what we can do to improve it. The thumbnail images are currently coming from Windows, so if the videos don't have proper thumbnails in Windows Explorer, they won't have proper thumbnails by default in MBA (currently).
  22. Ok, updated. It works with no crash, I've added the Video folder that the first time made it crash with no problem. For the record: music videos have no preview, MKVs have no visible info at all, MP4s do have visible infos, most likely from tags; here and there there are "holes" with blank slots: instead of a video/album frame I simply see the background. Both videos and mp3's play fine.
  23. Hey guys, just letting you know that this issue should hopefully be fixed in version 0.26.
  24. @jan_axhell Version 0.26 is out now with a hopeful fix for these issues. Let me know if it fixes the issue for you.
  25. @Music Is King Version 0.26 is out now with a hopeful fix. Let me know if it fixes the issue for you.
  26. The logs are located under MusicBoxAlpha\Logs, wherever MBA is installed. I think I found the issue though, after looking at @Music Is King's logs. Should have a new version out today with a fix.
  27. Thank you @Music Is King; looking into this today.
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